Protein Characterization: Testing to Triage Lead Candidates

Disulfide mapping analysis to determine unknown disulfide linkage

Deliverables: • Confirm known disulfide linkage information • Report free cysteine amount and any mis-linked disulfide bond with >5% abundance • Determine unknown disulfide linkage for every cysteine

Purified Protein Samples

Ethanol Precipitation


Digest by Specific Proteases (pH<6.7)

Non-reduced Fraction


Deglycosylation if Necessary


Profile Comparison to Find Different Peaks

Reduced Fraction


N-glycan analysis by LC-Fluorescence-MS/MS for complex glycosylation

Deliverables: • Report any glycan relative abundance >1% based on fluorescence • Report glycan ID based on mass spec results

N-glycanase Release Glycans HLB Plates

Glycan Pool


high mannose hybrid complex



Fluorescent 2-AB/Procainamide Labeling

Labeled Glycan Pool + Dye

Glycans with Free Reducing End


Identification Software Search Manual Interpretation

Liquid Chromatography MS/MS

Component Identification

Glycan Distribution

Quantification by Byomap

Detailed peptide mapping for sequence coverage, PTM, sequence variant analysis

Deliverables: • Confirm protein sequence: sequence coverage map • Software-based identification for PTM, SV and fragment et al analysis • Check sequence homogeneity: manual check for all components with user defined intensity threshold (>1%) for detailed PTM, SV and fragment et al analysis

Identified Major Peaks

Confirmed Peak Identity Sequence Coverage

Database Search


Peak feature detection based on MS1 only



Un-identified Small Peaks

Manual Assignments


PTM 9%

Variants 2%

Adducts, non-specific digest 89%

1000-2000 components

Learn more: Protein Sciences: Early-Stage R&D Protein Characterization Services

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