Recombinant Protein Production Services

WuXi Biologics’ industry-leading Protein Sciences (PS) Department specializes in the development and production of monoclonal, bispecific and multispecific antibodies, fusion-proteins, cytokines, enzymes and other biologics. Our team of experts can support the preparation of the most complex proteins to provide one to hundreds of standard antibodies and proteins for your diverse needs. Projects can be structured by either a FTE (Full Time Equivalent) or FFS (Fee For Service) model to meet your project needs. Our labs feature high-throughput expression and purification systems to maximize efficiency.

WuXi Biologics Protein Sciences

Expedited 777 Mammalian Transient Production Service for Standard mAbs such as IgG

Mammalian Platform Features

• CHO, HEK293 cell lines for antibodies and non-antibodies such as Fc-fusion proteins and His- or Flag-tagged proteins • Engineered CHO cell lines for glycan modulation of antibodies and proteins • NS0 cell line is well suited to produce hard to express proteins such as cysteine rich proteins; successfully delivered hundreds of challenging proteins which failed in other expression systems • Offer developability studies that deliver data that is highly representative of eventual large-scale production processes • Automated expression, purification, and analytics • Offer CMC-like process providing highly-representative developability study results for therapeutic products

Standard Antibody Production Platform 7 Days Gene synthesis VH & VL segments

7 Days


5-5,000 mg

>95% purity 2-step purification

7 Days

Purification & QC

These timelines represent the typical turnaround time for a regular monoclonal antibody. More complex molecules such as bispecific antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins, and other recombinant proteins usually have longer timelines.

WuXian TM Transient

Timeline 3-5 weeks

Average Yield (CHO)

Expression Volume

2.2 g/L

1 mL to 20 L

WuXian TM Express

Timeline 6-7 weeks

Average Yield (CHO)

Expression Volume

3.5 g/L

20 mL to 25 L

WuXian Transient and WuXian Express Platform Features: • Projects start from customer-provided amino acid sequence (with codon optimization), DNA sequence, or plasmids • Deliver high-quality products after 1-2 purification steps suitable

for most in vitro and in vivo studies • Provide comprehensive QC data

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